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    My company over the years to focus on customer pre-sales and after-sales service, to provide users with satisfactory programs, high-quality products, improve after-sales, is our consistent commitment to win every customer satisfaction.
    1. Receive customers and visit customers
    Through the reception and access to customers, to keep abreast of customer requirements and opinions, to collect technical and economic information. Through visits to the reception, letters, calls the reception of customers, the company plans every year, targeted to organize visits to customers, access to imitation of the combination, visit the combination of visits and visits.
    2. Advisory services
    The company uses a variety of professional knowledge to provide users with intellectual services, including business advisory services and technical advisory services. Business consulting services is based on the customer to buy products when the various requirements, to introduce the business of the business situation, to answer the various questions raised by users to help purchase. Technical consultation service refers to the technical and economic indicators such as product quality, performance, main technical parameters, sample, catalog, instruction manual, production process, detection means and energy consumption.

    3. Quality "Three Guarantees" service
    In the provisions of the use of conditions and the warranty period, found that product quality problems, the company responsible for the user warranty, replacement, and retreat, if necessary, also bear the resulting economic losses. Company to "quality first" and the spirit of the user is responsible for the specific provisions of the scope of the Three Guarantees, the warranty period and clearly divided responsibilities.

    4. Installation and commissioning
    To provide users with installation and commissioning services to ensure that the customer's economic benefits.

    5. spare parts supply
    In order to eliminate the worries of customers, the company plans to arrange the production of accessories accessories, and the use of a variety of channels to organize the supply of spare parts to facilitate the timely purchase of users to solve user difficulties.

    6. Technical training
    After the product is sold, the company will send the technology to the user. This allows users to use the product correctly, so that the normal operation, reasonable and efficient to play a role. The company will be based on customer requirements to determine the training content. Technical training services in a variety of ways, the customer invited to the enterprise to organize technical training courses in the customer concentration areas, for local customers training courses; combined with on-site service, in the process of customer service courses held.

    7. Tour maintenance
    Service door, on a regular basis for customers to carry out product inspection, repair and maintenance services, on-site product failure to solve the product to ensure the normal use.

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