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    Receiver test specification test method?

    Sources : This site | Release date : 2017-06-19 | View :
    Keywords :
    1. Check the sample that confirms OK, conform to the sample.
    2. Visual inspection of the appearance, the test receiver can not have rust, no dust network, deformation and other undesirable phenomena;
    3. Light pull the receiver lead, the receiver lead can not be broken or off and other undesirable phenomena; try welding receiver, the lead can not be welded / welding difficult phenomenon;
    4. Tap the receiver touch, receiver contacts can not be broken or off and other undesirable phenomena;
    5. Compared with the sample, the receiver lead can not have too long / too short phenomenon; contact to be flat, can not have the phenomenon of uneven; touch contact, contact elasticity should be good;
    6. After the assembly, should be with the phone with a good, can not be difficult to install or assembly after the loose phenomenon; test receiver, should be able to pronounce normal, can not appear silent, small volume,
    7. Measure the impedance of the receiver with the multimeter's resistance level. The measured impedance should be 32Ω ± 15% (rated impedance / RATED IMPEDANCE 32Ω ± 15%). The specific value shall prevail.

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