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    Reversing the radar does not ring how to pay attention to check the buzzer

    Sources : | Release date : 2017-06-09 | View :
    Keywords : 干燥设备在化工制药行业中的应用
    The car installed a reversing radar, but one day did not ring, the following Xiaobian to help you analyze the reversing radar does not ring a few main reasons.

    Found that the reversing radar does not ring, first check the host's power cord is connected, whether the current, and then look at the radar host line is loose, if both are no problem, but the problem may be in the radar itself.

    If the problem is determined in the reversing radar body, the first to consider the possibility of a buzzer is broken, this time need to purchase a buzzer and install up when the other recalled about their own car recently done Modified, if done, it may be modified during the process of damage to the reversing radar line, which requires the car to the original construction shop or 4S shop check.

    There are users to provide advice, when found reversing radar does not ring, you can first check the bumper at the line connection is intact, and then check the reverse when the reversing lights are not bright, not bright, then check the reversing lights connected to the switch bad No. And then you can see whether the computer shows the fault code, these are no problem, and then check whether the reversing radar itself is a problem.

    The above is the reversing radar does not ring after the corresponding inspection steps, and a few potential possibilities, hope that when you encounter this situation, Buzhi Yu caught by surprise. The most important thing is that there is a problem to be resolved in a timely manner, so as not to cause greater disaster.

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