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    Principle and Design of Single - chip Microcomputer Driven Buzzer

    Sources : | Release date : 2017-06-22 | View :
    Keywords : 喷雾干燥脱硫技术在保护生态环境中的应用
    The buzzer is an integrated structure of the electronic sound device, this article describes how to use the microcontroller to drive the buzzer, he is widely used in computer, printer, copier, alarm, telephone and other electronic products for sound devices. Buzzer is mainly divided into piezoelectric buzzer and electromagnetic buzzer two types. The electromagnetic buzzer consists of an oscillator, an electromagnetic coil, a magnet, a diaphragm and a housing. After the power is turned on, the oscillator produces the audio signal current through the electromagnetic coil, so that the electromagnetic coil to produce magnetic field, vibration diaphragm in the electromagnetic coil and the interaction of the magnet, the periodic vibration sound. Piezo buzzer mainly composed of multivibrator, piezoelectric buzzer, impedance matching and resonance box, shell and other components. The multivibrator consists of a transistor or an integrated circuit. When the power supply is turned on (1.5 to 15 V DC operating voltage), the multivibrator starts to output an audio signal of 1.5 to 2.5 kHZ. The impedance matching device drives the piezoelectric buzzer Utterance.
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