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    Piezoelectric ceramic buzzer can replace speaker speakers?

    Sources : | Release date : 2017-05-18 | View :
    Keywords : 我厂根据中药浸膏的物料性质与工艺要求设计了新型中药浸膏喷雾干燥机,干燥后的物料颜色好、不变质,大大地提高了干燥设备厂家的经济效益。
    Buzzer, in essence, is the piezoelectric ceramic buzzer. It is a capacitive element. Piezoelectric ceramic buzzer is a high-pressure extreme pressure after the piezoelectric ceramic sheet attached to the vibration of metal films (generally copper, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.) on. When the AC voltage is added, it will cause mechanical deformation and contraction due to the piezoelectric effect, and this feature causes the metal piece to vibrate and sound.

    Piezoelectric ceramic buzzer is generally divided into his excited (two poles); self-excited (three-pole) two. The ordinary speaker in the circuit long sense, through the electric current can make it sound, and DC can also pass it. If you use a buzzer directly instead of a speaker, in some cases it may cause the amplifier's DC circuit to be interrupted and not work. At this time, we can at the ends of the buzzer in parallel with a suitable inductance, so that the audio was a larger impedance, but the amplifier can not work, the buzzer can also sound properly. It is also possible to use an input transformer of an ordinary pocket-sized radio, with its primary load as an amplifier, the number of times (if the secondary is a double winding, which can be connected in series) with the ends of the buzzer, The volume of the film is much larger. The loudspeaker is bulky and heavier, and it is not appropriate to use it to make small toys on certain occasions. The buzzer, small size, light weight, the price is much cheaper than the speaker, in some small toys, clocks and other self-styling electronic device is very suitable: therefore, you can consider using buzzer instead of speakers.

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