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    Test and Analysis of Electrical Characteristics of Piezoelectric Ceramics

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    Keywords : 带式干燥机常见故障,带式干燥机维护保养
    Piezoelectric Ceramics (PZT) by the small external force, the mechanical energy can become electrical energy, when coupled with the voltage, it will turn the electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is usually formed by several kinds of oxides or carbonates in the solid phase reaction during the sintering process, and its manufacturing process is similar to that of ordinary electronic ceramics. Compared with other piezoelectric materials, it has many characteristics, which are widely used in many fields related to people's life, all over the industrial, military, medical and health, daily life and so on. It has the characteristics of stable chemical properties, easy doping and convenient shaping. The use of high dielectric constant of ferroelectric ceramics can produce large-capacity ceramic capacitors; the use of its piezoelectric properties can produce a variety of piezoelectric devices; the use of its pyroelectric properties can be made of human infrared detectors; through the appropriate process made of transparent Ferroelectric ceramics with electronic control characteristics, the use of it can be stored for storage, display or switch with the electronic control characteristics of the device. PZT, PLZT and other ferroelectric thin films prepared by physical or chemical methods have important applications in electro-optical devices, nonvolatile ferroelectric memory devices, and the like.
    The same time as the above-
    In order to protect the ecological environment, the EU member states have provided that since July 1, 2006, all in the EU market, the sale of electronic and electrical equipment all prohibit the use of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and other substances. China's ecological environment protection is also very important. Therefore, in recent years, lead-free piezoelectric ceramics have been focused on the development and development. But the performance of lead-free piezoelectric ceramics relative to the PZT ceramics, the overall performance is still insufficient compared with PZT ceramics. Therefore, the current and even future for some time the preferred piezoelectric ceramic will be based on PZT-based ceramics.
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