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    Assembly of the transducer process

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    Keywords : 水稻烘干机
    The person who assembles the transducer must operate in strict accordance with the following:
    One: familiar with the structure of the transducer
    Second: the assembly must be dragged every day the floor, smoking is strictly prohibited to ensure the cleanliness of the assembly
    Three: ceramic pieces, copper with 360 # gold sand sand mill, the purpose is to remove the ceramic pieces of copper on the burrs and measuring the flatness of ceramic
    Four: The two faces of the transducer assembly and the back pressure plate must be ground to the mirror. First with water and sand polished and then 360 # gold sand grinding to the mirror with a ruler 30-45 ℃ measurement of the entire plane without qualified as qualified
    Five: mark the outside of the ceramic plate +
    6: electric and copper inside the first brush on the insulation Note that the electrode plane can not have oil (pre-do)
    Seven: electrode pieces, ceramic pieces, transducer contact surface, after the gland assembly must be cleaned with acetone 2-3 side to have acetone meal mirror paper wipe can not see the black so far
    Eight: in order to install the electrode, ceramic, gland, holding the device must take the outer circle
    Nine: Φ50, two pieces of the transducer pressure is generally 220KG, four pieces of the general is 260KG, the pressure must be short-circuit electrode, pay attention to the compact ceramic tile and transducer components vertical, pay attention screw length screw in the end When the remaining 1mm. Screw outside the set must be 0.3mm out of print 2-3 layers, pay attention to the ceramic plate in the cylindrical vertical degree
    Ten: test: two loaded transducer, stop pulse resistance "= 500. The impedance should be less than 10 ohms, Φ value of 2000 or more, four pieces of the impedance should be less than 5 ohms, Φ value of 1500 or more (note the thickness of the ceramic with the change in the impedance of the micro-changes)
    Eleven: all the transducer assembly test into the oven 90 ℃ bake 2-3 hours into the oven before the electrode short circuit 3 hours after the temperature dropped to 60-70 ℃ when the ceramic tile brush on the insulation. Screw on the edge of the brush on the 705 plastic silicone
    Twelve: the aging of the transducer before entering the warehouse. Each transducer must have a stencil code to record fine data resonant frequency, antiresonant frequency, impedance, value of θ, capacitance
    Thirteen: transducer and horn link method: connect the two sides to use water sand. Metallographic sand mill flat (light) with acetone wipe force to tighten the test parameters and the location of the node is correct, the node position with hair blue hold its frequency change is less than 50H2 qualified

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