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    What is the difference between the receiver and the speaker?

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    Keywords : 旋转闪蒸干燥机工艺
    Receiver (Receiver) and speaker (Speaker) is basically the same structure, are through the voice coil and magnet force, driven by the diaphragm to sound. There are a few big differences as follows:

    The use of different: the receiver is close to the ear to use, and the speaker is usually from the user's ears have dozens of centimeters or even tens of meters distance, depending on the size of the speaker may be different;

    Electrical characteristics of the different: the most common speaker for the 4-8ohm, too high impedance will make the speaker need a higher voltage to drive, 0.2W to several tens of W have, from 16,32,64 ohm to 150ohm have Look at the customer's line design match, the general power of only 0.01W to 0.1W.
    The same time as the above-
    Voice coil and other materials are different: the speaker to withstand greater power, so the thickness of the diaphragm are thick, starting from the thinnest 18u, the larger the size, the greater the power, the diaphragm will be more heavy, the receiver power is small, but Requires a low frequency curve is better, it is generally used 6u-12 diaphragm, in addition to the diaphragm, the receiver will usually be affixed to the tuning paper or tuning cloth, to adjust the frequency response to meet a variety of specifications or to meet the agency Of the total buzzing cavity.

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