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    Changzhou allino Electronics Co.,Ltd. was established in 2010, is a professional production of piezoelectric ceramic products series of high-tech enterprises, is committed to the development and manufacture of piezoelectric ceramic buzzer, piezoelectric ultrasonic sensors, piezoelectric vibration sensors and other electro-acoustic product.

    The company is located in Jiangsu Changzhou Hutang Science and Technology Industrial Park, the existing plant 3,000 square meters, the company has advanced production machinery and equipment and testing equipment, and has high technology, high quality, technical quality comprehensive R & D team, the product has excellent stability and Consistency, to the industry advanced level.

    Company products are widely used in telecommunications, home appliances, automotive electronics, medical, consumer electronics and other industries, the company direct or indirect long-term customers mainly Taiwan, South Korea, Britain, the United States and other large companies.

    At present, the company's daily production of piezoelectric buzzer reached 150,000, 4.5 million per month, the annual output value of 10 million. In the domestic industry manufacturers increasing the increasingly fierce market competition situation, the Company always adhere to the quality of survival, quality and development, to manage the benefits of the road. The company is committed to the quality and environmental efforts, through the quality management system certification, production management in strict accordance with the requirements of the quality system, and continue to improve and improve the company's quality system to ensure the steady improvement of product quality. Fully into the EU ROHS standard process, the product fully in line with Japan and the EU environmental requirements.
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