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Changzhou allino Electronics Co., a professional manufacturer of electronic components, our current products are piezoelectric ceramic, buzzer, transducer, speakers and receiver, etc., are widely used in communications, consumer electronics, home appliances, Automotive electronics, hospitals, industrial equipment and other fields...

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    Piezoelectric ceramic buzzer can replace speaker speakers?Piezoelectric ceramic buzzer can replace speaker speakers? 2017-05-18

    Buzzer, in essence, is the piezoelectric ceramic buzzer. It is a capacitive element. Piezoelectric ce…

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  • Reversing the radar does not ring how to pay attention to check the buzzerReversing the radar does not ring how to pay attention to check the buzzer 2017-06-09

    The car installed a reversing radar, but one day did not ring, the following Xiaobian to help you ana…

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